EMS & Disaster Medicine Fellowship at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center / Rutgers Health

Training in All Aspects of Prehospital Medicine

Our ACGME Statewide EMS (Emergency Medical Services/Support) Fellowship trains up to 10 Fellows and builds expertise in all aspects of Prehospital Medicine:

We have multiple fellowship trained EMS Faculty.

Each Fellow will have a response vehicle with full OR and ED capabilities. In addition. Fellows will gain international air ambulance experience on multiple different fixed wing aircrafts.  Our Past Fellows have traveled to Kuwait, Haiti, Tokyo, France, and multiple locations within the United States. In addition to fixed wing, extensive rotary wing exposure is available in a HEMS program within our EMS System. Funding is available for conferences, we provide medical direction at multiple mass gathering events throughout the Tri-State area, and we conduct weekly Journal Club meetings and board reviews.

As part of your fellowship, a separate Prehospital and Airmedical insurance policy will be obtained on each fellow. We have EMS Attorneys in addition to risk management. As part of our ongoing lecture series, we frequently meet with our lawyers and insurance brokers to gain greater understanding of medical litigation and coverage.

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