EMS Elective Rotation

Come Rotate with the Busiest and Largest EMS Fellowships!

We conduct a very robust EMS elective for residents and medical students.  Rotators will

  1. Ride on the State Physician Response Vehicle
  2. Attend frequent tactical jobs with the state police
  3. Fly on busiest Medevac in NJ  (MONOC1)
  4. Ride on ALS units
  5. Attend any concerts for event coverage
  6. Attend weekly EMS Journal Cub meetings covering the latest publications in EM and EMS Literature
  7. Attend legal and business lectures
  8. Practice prehospital ultrasound
  9. Residents will independently provide medical control for ALS units

All rotators will receive several online books and our own textbook of EMS.

Additionally, during the rotation, each rotators will spend time in regional dispatch center and receive at least 40 current articles on EMS.

Come be part of our exciting team for either 2 or 4 weeks!

All MS III, MS IV and EM Residents interested in EM and EMS are Welcome!