EMS Fellows 2020 – 2021

Gregory Dorilus, MD

Hometown: Roselle, NJ
Residency: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Emergency Medicine
Hobbies: Traveling, NBA, NFL, Pop culture
Favorite Food: Doesn’t matter, just get in my belly!
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight, Taken, Inception, Fast and Furious
Favorite Book: The Pact
Favorite TV: Modern Family, House, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD
Why New Jersey EMS Fellowship: I chose the New Jersey EMS Fellowship
because I wanted to go to a program that exposed me to all aspects
within EMS. Being a resident at NBI, I was able to see how the
fellowship improve every year and appreciate the innovative treatment
modalities that were being brought out in the field. The NJ EMS
fellowship was the only fellowship I found that would give me the best
opportunity to work with different federal agencies and organizations
in hopes to achieve my goal of being an EMS physician.
Interests: Tactical Medicine, Disaster Relief, Event Medicine

Emerson Franke, MD

Hometown: Naugatuck, CT
Residency: Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, Miami, FL
Hobbies: Kayaking, Working out, Cooking, Site Seeing
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite Book: The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky
Favorite TV: Scrubs
Why NJ EMS Fellowship: The NJ EMS fellowship has some of the most cutting edge opportunities and comprehensive training of any training program.
Interests: Operational Medicine, Community Paramedicine, Advocacy and Health Policy, Tactical Medicine, Flight Medicine

Brian Lin, MD

Hometown: Milltown, NJ
Residency: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Hobbies: Traveling, Powerlifting
Favorite Food: Donuts
Favorite Movie: Mad Max
Favorite Book: Siddartha
Favorite TV: Game of Thrones
Why New Jersey EMS Fellowship: In looking for an EMS fellowship, I wanted to join a program that was comprehensive in every aspect of pre-hospital & disaster medicine. The NJ EMS Fellowship is just that. This program has the resources and learning opportunities to become a well rounded EMS Physician.
Interests: Medical Education, Disaster Response/Recovery, Event Medicine

Nirav Patel, D.O.

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL
Residency: Coney Island
Hobbies: Intramural sports, Hiking, Sailing, Trivia Night, Board Games
Favorite Food: Pizza and Gummy Bears
Favorite Movie: Superbad
Favorite TV: Scrubs
Why New Jersey EMS Fellowship: As someone without any professional pre-hospital experience, I wanted a fellowship that was more hands on and less administrative. This is the most involved and active fellowship I saw in all aspects of EMS and Disaster. I did not do EM/EMS to sit in front of a computer and go to meetings all day.
Interests: Resuscitation, Critical Care Transport, International Medicine