Advanced Equipment on Our Physician Response Vehicles

Point of Care Ultrasound is a Huge Aspect of Prehospital Care Delivery

Our Physicians Use a Variety of Portable POCUS

We are Leading in Prehospital TEE During Cardiac Arrest with our Disposable TEE from Imacor  

In the Appropriate Setting in Trauma & in Tactical EMS Our Physicians Are Trained in Prehospital Thoracotomy

We Utilize and Train on a Wide Array of Video Laryngoscopy

For the Difficult Airway, Verification of Tube Placement Above the Carina, or FB Removal

We Have Our Portable Bronchoscope from Ambu with 3 Different Sizes Optimizing Our Use in Pediatrics as Well

In the wave of opioid abuse, we are looking into alternative medications and treatment modalities to treat pain.  New to our physician response vehicles is Nitronox.

Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta (REBOA)

We are one of the first EMS physicians in the US to have REBOA available to deploy prehospitally.  REBOA is a minimally invasive technique using a balloon catheter to temporarily occlude large vessels in support of hemorrhage control.  Patients with truncal hemorrhage, resuscitative aortic occlusion helps maintain blood flow to critical organs until the hemorrhage can be definitively controlled via surgery.

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