Journal Club

Journal Club has gone virtual! Check out our Facebook page for more uptodate information and links to prior journal clubs

Each month we will meet and go over a recent EMS article

Journal Club will be Lead by the EMS Fellow on the Research & Education Block.

Presentations by the EMS Fellows, Emergency Medicine Resident Rotators, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow Rotator and select medical students.

EMS Journal Club will be moderated by the EMS Faculty

Dates and times may vary but generally Wednesday every 3-4 weeks as the schedule permits. from 1330-1400/1500.

The EMS Fellow on Medical Director rotation will be presenting an EMS Case Presentation similar to M&M or Interesting Case.

If you have an EMS Interesting Case and/or M&M case, please submit to or

We’ll focus on the EMS presentation, differential diagnosis, treatment and transport options. Leaving out agencies, hospitals and identifiable information. But also go over hospital based therapies and patient outcomes.

For archived Journal Clubs please visit our YouTube Page.