The ACGME Accredited EMS Fellowship of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel/MONOC EMS is accepting applications for the 2020-2021 academic year!!

EMS Fellowships are in the Match this year

  • Aug. 21, 2019 – Match Opens.
  • Sept. 18, 2019 – Rank Order List Entry Opens.
  • Oct. 16, 2019 – Quota Change Deadline.
  • Nov. 6, 2019 – Rank Order List Certification Deadline.
  • Nov. 20, 2019 – Match Day.

Fellowship Highlights

  • Largest Fellowship with 6-10 Fellows per year
  • >50 publications (Not including abstracts)
  • Largest EMS System in NJ (700 providers/22 ALS Units) 1 rotary, multiple CCTUs
  • Statewide Physician 24/7 Response Program
  • Sole Tactical Medical Provider to State Police (2-10 requests per week)
  • International Air Ambulance Fixed Wing Experience with frequent flights available. Organ Procurement, Medical Escort, Critical Care
  • Very Busy EMS Physician Field experience (up to 30 responses per week)
  • Take Home Response Vehicle (Full OR and ED capabilities)
  • Each Fellow runs their own First Aid Squad
  • State Police unmarked fellowship vehicle (Full OR and ED capabilities)
  • Weekly EMS Journal Club
  • EMS Board Review
  • Medical Direction at multiple mass gathering events throughout the tri-state area
  • Eight EMS faculty
  • Monthly legal and business/finance lecture series by CEO/EMS Attorney
  • Ambulance Simulation Lab/EMT/Paramedic Training Courses


Dr. Mark A. Merlin

732-919-3045  Ext. 1431

Prospective Fellows

Come Join Our EMS Family! You can email with your CV and two letters of recommendation, or you can start your application below. Most interviews are from 9am – 5pm, primarily on Mondays, and we can provide accommodation for out of state applicants.

We offer a 1 year or 2-year track for the fellowship.  Our 2-year track will include a MPH from Rutgers University

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