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The ACGME Accredited EMS Fellowship of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel/MONOC EMS is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year!!

EMS Fellowships are in the Match this year

  • Aug. 22, 2018 – Match Opens.
  • Sept. 26, 2018 – Rank Order List Entry Opens.
  • Oct. 17, 2018 – Quota Change Deadline.
  • Oct. 31, 2018 – Rank Order List Certification Deadline.
  • Nov. 14, 2018 – Match Day.

Fellowship Highlights

  • Largest Fellowship with 6-10 Fellows per year
  • >50 publications (Not including abstracts)
  • Largest EMS System in NJ (700 providers/22 ALS Units) 1 rotary, multiple CCTUs
  • Statewide Physician 24/7 Response Program
  • Sole Tactical Medical Provider to State Police (2-10 requests per week)
  • International Air Ambulance Fixed Wing Experience with frequent flights available. Organ Procurement, Medical Escort, Critical Care
  • Very Busy EMS Physician Field experience (up to 30 responses per week)
  • Take Home Response Vehicle (Full OR and ED capabilities)
  • Each Fellow runs their own First Aid Squad
  • State Police unmarked fellowship vehicle (Full OR and ED capabilities)
  • Weekly EMS Journal Club
  • EMS Board Review
  • Medical Direction at multiple mass gathering events throughout the tri-state area
  • Eight EMS faculty
  • Monthly legal and business/finance lecture series by CEO/EMS Attorney
  • Ambulance Simulation Lab/EMT/Paramedic Training Courses


Dr. Mark A. Merlin

Mark.Merlin@RWJBH.org or Markamerlin@gmail.com

732-919-3045  Ext. 1431

Prospective Fellows

Come Join Our EMS Family! You can email Mark.Merlin@rwjbh.org with your CV and two letters of recommendation, or you can start your application below. Most interviews are from 9am – 5pm, and we will provide accommodation for out of state applicants.

We offer a 1 year or 2-year track for the fellowship.  Our 2-year track will include a MPH from Rutgers University

Fill out my online form.