Research and Publications

Continuous analysis and publishing of evidence based prehospital medicine


As an EMS system, we are on the cutting edge of EBM and implement it in the prehospital arena.  Our fellowship is actively in engaged in research and publication of EM and Prehospital literature.

We present abstracts and posters yearly at NAEMSP in January our EMS physician national conference. We have access to state and local data that allows us the ability to do large retrospective research as well as prospective.

Recent Original Publications:

1.  Dudley LS, Dorothy Konomos D, Robbins V,  Qiu L,  Bauter R, Merlin MA.  Opioid Crisis At The Jersey Shore-Special Report.  J of Public Health 2017: Sept; 1-6. 

2.   Klebacher R, Harris MI, Ariyaprakai N, Tagore A, Robbins V, Dudley LS, Bauter R, Koneru S, Hill RD, Wasserman E, Shanes A, Merlin MA. Incidence of Naloxone Redosing in the Age of the New Opioid Epidemic. Prehop Emerg Care 2017: 1-6. 

3.  Westrol MS, Koneru S, McIntyre N, Caruso AT, Arshad FH, Merlin MA. Music Genre as a Predictor of Resource Utilization at Outdoor Music Concerts. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2017: 32: 289-296.   

4.  Merlin MA, Tagore A, Bauter R, Arshad FH. A Case Series of Double Sequence Defibrillation. Prehosp. Emerg Care 2016; 5: 1-4.   

5.  Delia D, Wang HE, Kutzin J, Merlin M, Nova J, Lloyd K, Cantor JC. Prehospital Transportation to Therapeutic Hypothermia Centers and Survival From Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. BMC Health Serv Res. 2015; 15: 533-540.        

6.  Nieves LC, Mehrtens GM, Pores N, Pickrell C, Tanis J, Satty T, Chuang M,YoungTC, Merlin MA. The Effect of Furosenmide Dose Administered In The Out of Hospital Setting on Renal Function Among Patients With Suspected Decompensated Heart Failure. Prehosp Disaster Med 2015; 30: 38-­‐45.  

7.  Kotora JG, Westrol MS, Merlin MA. Use Of a Fiberoptic Camera To Perform A Trauma Assessment During A Confined Spaced Rescue. Am J Disaster Med. 2014;9: 151-­‐156.   

8.  Kotora JG, Clancy T, Manzon L, Malik V, Louden RJ, Merlin MA. Active Shooter In The Emergency Department: A Scenario-­‐based Training Approach For Healthcare. Am J Disaster Med. 2014; 9: 39-­‐51.   

9.  Sterling M, Echeverria SE, Merlin MA. The Effect of Language Congruency on the Out-­‐of Hospital Management of Chest Pain. World Medical and Health Policy. 2014   

10.  Merlin MA, Carluccio A, Raswant, DosSantos FD, Lehrfeld DP, Ohman-­‐Strickland PO, Prehospoital Hypoglycemiic Patients Receiving IV Thiamine Loading Prior to Glucose vs. Glucose Alone. Western J of Emerg Med 2012; 13: 406-­‐409

11.  Shiroff AM, Gale SC, Merlin MA, Crystal JS, Linger M, Shah AD, Beaumont E, Lustiger E, Tabakin E, Gracias VH. Enhancing the Tissue Donor Pool through Donation after Death in the Field. Prehosp Disaster Med 2013; 28: 187-­‐190.

12.  McKinney JS, Mylavarapu K, Lane J, Robert V, Ohman-­‐Strickland PO, Merlin MA. Hospital Prenotification of Stroke Patients by Emergency Medical Services Improves Stroke Time Targets. J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis. 2013; 22: 113-­‐118.   

13.  Merlin MA, Ciccosanti C, Saybolt MD, Bockoff O, Mazzei, Shiroff AM. A Prospective Observational Analysis of Ambulation After Motor Vehicle Collisions. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2013; 28: 76-­‐78.   

14.  Merlin MA, Baldino KT, Lehrfeld D, DosSantos FD. Use Of A Limited Lights and Siren Protocol In The Prehospital Setting Versus Standard Usage The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Am J of Emerg Med 2012; 30: 519-­‐525.   

15.  Arya R, Dossantos F, Ohman-­‐Strickland P, Merlin MA. Impact of Trauma Activation on the ED Length of Stay for Nontraumatic Patients. Am J Emerg Med. 2012; 30: 311-­‐316.   

16.  Merlin MA, Kaplan E, Schlogl J, Suss H, DosSantos F, Ohman-­‐Strickland P, Shiroff AM.Study of Placing a Second Intravenous Line In Trauma (SITS Investigators). Prehospital Emerg Care. 2011; 15: 203-­‐213.   

17.  Merlin MA, Safdar H, VanPelt S, Calabrese S, Manfre J, Lewinsky A, Liu J. Prehospital Rapid Sequence Intubation in a System with two Advanced Life Support Providers-­‐ A Preliminary Report. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 2010;25: 341-­‐345   

18.  Merlin MA, , Marques-­‐Baptista A, Yang, I, Aquina CT, Ohman-­‐Strickland P, Buckley B. Evaluating Degradation with Fragment Formation of Prehospital Succinylcholine by Mass Spectrometry. Academic Emergency Medicine 2010; 17: 631-­‐637.   

19.  Arya R, Salovich DM, Ohman-­‐Strickland P, Merlin MA. Impact of Scribes on Performance Indicators In The Emergency Department. Acad Emerg Med 2010; 17; 5: 490-­‐494.   

20.  Saybolt MD, Alter SM, DosSantos FD. Calello DP, Rynn KO, Nelson DA, Merlin MA, Naloxone in Cardiac Arrest with Suspected Opioid Overdose. Resuscitation. 2010; 81: 42-­‐46.   

21.  Merlin MA, Saybolt MD, Kapitanyan R, Alter SM, Jeges J, Liu J, Calabrese S, Rynn KO, Perritt RA, Pryor PM. Intranasal Naloxone is as effective as Intravenous Naloxone. Am J Emerg Med. 2010; 28: 296-­‐303.   

22.  Livingston D, Marques-­‐Baptista A, Brown RI, Liu J, Merlin MA. Prehospital Intervention Probability (PIP) Score: A Novel Method for Determining Necessity of Emergency Medical Service Units. Am J Emerg Med. 2010; 28: 552-­‐560.   

23.  Merlin MA, Moon J, Krimmel J, Marques-­‐Baptista A. Improving Medical Students Understanding of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through a Mandatory 4th Year EMS Experience. Emergency Medical Journal. 2010; 27: 147-­‐150.  

24.  Alter SM, Merlin MA. Nosocomial and Community-­‐acquired Infection Rates Among Ambulance Patients. Am J Emerg Med. 2011; 29: 57-­‐64.   

25.  Marques-­‐Baptista A, Baldino K, Prasto M, Cascio A, Merlin MA. Utilization of Warning Lights and Siren Based On Hospital Time-­‐Critical Interventions. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 2010;25: 335-­‐339.   

26.  Dos Santos FD, Schnakofsky R, Cascio A, Merlin MA. Disposable Stainless Steel vs. Plastic Laryngoscope Blades Among Paramedics.. Am l of Emerg Med 2011; 29: 590-­‐ 593.   

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29. Brodsky R, Merlin MA, Leva EG, Levy R, Leva J, Sabile J. Febrile Seizures Can Be Safely Transported by Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Technicians. Pediatric Emergency Care. 2009; 25: 317-­‐320     

Review Articles/Textbook Chapters:

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